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20 years of concentration—Designated partner of Pacific Construction Group—Graduate work station of Nanjing University

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SERCH:Pure water disposal|Sewage treatment|Incinerator|Dust collector |Waste gas treatment

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JiangSu Deli environmental engineering Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2002, its existing registered capital is RMB 61.8 million . At present, it has workshops covering an area of approximately 10,000 m2,and 3000m2 for office building area, complete machining equipment and a whole set of environmental protection monitoring equipment and instruments. With strong production and construction capacity, our companys annual production and construction capacity is over 600 million

With first-class technology , JiangSu Deli pays much attention to the quality of the product. The core value of Deli embodies in blue sky, clean water. Our company also believes that no reputation, no business......



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